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Personal health records benefit employees, employers and families.


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You Need More Than a Personal Health Record

A Personal Health Record is an online version of the forms you fill out when you go to see a doctor.  They describe your health history, your family history, various illnesses and treatments you have had in the past, and often include additional categories of information such as medications, allergies and others.  You complete these forms based on what you remember.  As an online tool, you can update them as your conditions change and new information becomes available.  Family Health Library provides its Members with an advanced Personal Health Record and makes assembling and maintaining your personal health information easy.  But a Personal Health Record alone is not enough.

FHL Goes Beyond a  Personal Health Record

Creating a Personal Health Record for yourself and every member of your family is an important step, but there is no substitute for having the actual medical records available online when they are needed. 

We provide a way to build an online library of your actual medical records - doctor's notes, test results, hospital charts, X-rays, and others to provide your physicians with a level of information that no Personal Health Record alone can.  In an emergency, this information could be life-saving.

Security of Your Personal Health Information

Your privacy and the security of your online medical records is of utmost concern to Family Health Library.  The secure online health library we have built employs the same rigorous safeguards used for online banking and bill paying. 

We believe that the risks to your health of not having an online library of your personal health information are far greater than the potential risks of inappropriate access.  The information in your online health library is, if anything, more secure than the paper files in your doctor's office or those that circulate around a hospital floor. 

You Are In Control

Each Member of Family Health Library controls the content of and access to his or her online medical records records.  Unlike electronic medical records systems that are maintained by hospitals, HMOs or insurance companies, your online library is controlled only by you.  Even within FHL's Family Group, each FHL Member (over the age of 18) has individual control over access to their online library. 

Your Online Library is Easy to Assemble and Use

Family Health Library has developed methods for obtaining and maintaining your online health library that require a minimum of effort.  While other services require their members to classify and sort their medical records on line, there is no need for you to create and maintain online folders and to sort and separate documents.  If you select FHL's Premium Membership, FHL will even do all the work for you.  


Last Modified: 10/29/12

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