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Peace of mind for just pennies per day!


The Basic Membership is a low cost means of gathering your personal health records and is ideal for those who wish to be actively involved in the process.  The annual Membership fee for an individual is $60. 

Special Pricing for Families

FHL offers its Basic Membership to families at a reduced price.  Within a family group, the Membership Fee for the second adult is only $40 per year, and for each adult who becomes a Member of FHL, a child under the age of 21 can become a Member for free. A family of two adults and two children can enjoy all the benefits of FHL Membership for $100 per year.  Additional adult memberships are $40 per year and additional child memberships are $25 per year.     

How It Works - Three Easy Steps!

1. When you become a Member, you will provide basic information via our online registration form.  You also will identify the physicians and other healthcare providers whose records you wish to include in your online library.
2. When you have an appointment with one of your providers, just print a fax cover sheet from the FHL web site, and take it with you.
3. Before you leave, ask that the record of your visit be faxed to FHL's toll-free fax number using the fax cover sheet that you  brought with you. 

For those Members who have a long-term history with one or more of their providers, the record may be voluminous and not suitable for faxing.  In those cases, just ask your provider to photocopy your records and mail them to FHL.  

No Limits!


There is no limit on the number of providers you can include.  


There is no limit on the number of visits per year.


There is no page limit for documents incorporated in your health records library.

Under the Basic Membership, in addition to having your clinical records available on line, you will be able to use FHL's Personal Health Record and be able to store legal and insurance documents on line.
FHL's Special Processing Fees for digitizing X-rays, CT scans and other film-based records and for processing hospitalization records will apply.
Reduce health insurance costs by taking control of your personal health records.

Last Modified: 12/14/06


Get emergency protection with personal health records online
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