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Membership as an Employee Benefit

Providing Membership in Family Health Library for Employees is Good Business.

When an employee's medical records are available on line, a diagnosis can be made more quickly, with fewer repetitive tests.  The overall effect is:    


an employee who returns to work sooner;


a reduced insurance claim; and


a potential reduction in the rate of health insurance premium increases.

Quicker return to work means greater revenue, less disruption and reduced insurance claims.

Restoring Revenue - For each day that a professional whose time is billed at $200 per hour is in the hospital you lose $1,600 of revenue.  The cost of FHL's Basic Membership represents 3.75% of the cost savings for just one day!  The net savings, ($1600-$60) is more than 25 times greater than the cost of an annual Basic Membership!  Seen another way, if one employee returns to work a day sooner, you have received a return equal to more than 16 Premium Memberships.

Less Disruption - For employees working on a team, the disruption of the team's progress due to an illness can also be measured in economic terms.  Among the benefits of having employees return to work sooner are fewer disrupted schedules and the secondary impact of project delays.

Lower Insurance Claims - If diagnostic tests are run because a physician lacks information an unnecessary cost may result in an unnecessary insurance claim.  Reducing your company's insurance utilization rate can reduce the rate of increase in your annual health insurance costs.

FHL will work with employers to offer FHL Membership as an employee benefit.


Contact FHL to discuss how FHL Membership as an employee benefit can improve the bottom line of your business.


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Last Modified: 05/22/07


Reduce health insurance costs by taking control of your personal health records.
An online health record for your employees can reduce absenteeism and slow the rise in employee health insurance costs.