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Beware fake Viagra

A New Zealand man has pleaded guilty for selling fake erectile dysfunction drugs in the U.S.


NZ citizen faces US jail over fake Viagra

Viagra at the lowest priceA New Zealand citizen has admitted to his mistakes of supplying huge amount of phony erectile dysfunction drugs to distributors in California, Texas and Europe. Robin Han, 43 years old, is to be sentenced on October 4 in US District Court of California

Hans has been under investigation since 2006 after he was rooted out, as the source of a parcel from China containing counterfeit Viagra tablets with fake packaging found by Customs and Border Protection officers. He is said to have advertised the fake drugs on several websites, including famous e-commerce powerhouse

With the help of special customs agents, they managed to buy about 20,000 Viagra, Cialis and Levitra tablets worth about $200,000 retail price from Han. He is said to have sent the parcels using packaging clips on pretext that they were plastic stationary holders and pen boxes.

The U.S authorities indicted Han, who is living in China at that time, in Dec 2007. However he was only arrested when he arrived at San Francisco International airport from Hong Kong earlier this year in March. He has since then remained in federal custody.

United States Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. said in a statement by U.S authorities, that trafficking faked prescription drugs of any kind pose serious problems to public safety. In Hans plea bargain with the prosecutors in California, he has admitted to three accounts of trafficking goods that carry faked trademarks. As he waits for his sentencing, Hans could face up to 30 years in prison or fine as much as $6 million.


RYC wrote:

pill packaging & boxes for viagra & cialis are marked & sealed in a way that counterfeit companies cannot duplicate. (kind of like money notes) also if the picture in this article was the drug involved, then the marking & colors are wrong.

KELLY wrote:

How did they check they were fake?


what pharmacy can i buy viagra at the lowest price?

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