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The ultimate in convenience.


FHL's Premium Membership is ideal for those who want FHL to handle the administrative aspects of gathering their clinical records from their physicians and other healthcare providers.  

How It Works - Three Easy Steps!

1. When you become a Premium Member, you decide which of your healthcare providers FHL should contact to gather your records, and how often.  Your Membership Fee includes an initial gathering of records from your Primary Care Physician.  You may also choose to schedule FHL to gather records annually, semi-annually or quarterly from any provider.  You may also choose to specify that FHL will only gather records from a specific provider only when asked to do so by you. 
2. When you become a Premium Member, FHL will send you an Authorization Form for each provider you list when you join.  When you sign and return the Authorization Forms to FHL, we will send them to your providers to establish that you wish to have your records sent to FHL when requested.  FHL will make an initial request for your records from your Primary Care Physician and any other requests that you have scheduled.
3. FHL will gather records from your providers according to the schedule you determine.  If you choose to have FHL gather your records only when you specify, all you have to do is email or telephone us and we'll take it from there to make the document request, and to follow-up. 

You Only Pay for What You Use

You may have a medical condition that requires you to see a specialist once a year.  In that case, you might ask us to gather your records from that physician only once a year.  You might have another condition that requires that you visit a physician, out-patient clinic or other provider more frequently.  You can choose to have FHL gather records on a schedule appropriate to your needs.  Its your choice - just let us know and we will take it from there!

The annual fee for Premium Membership is $95.  The Membership fee provides you with one request for records from your Primary Care Physician, access to your online Personal Health Record and the ability to store legal and insurance documents in your online library.

The fee for each additional contact with a physician or out-patient clinic that FHL makes on your behalf is $65.  If you choose to use our fax-in method, there is no additional charge! 

FHL's Special Processing fees for X-rays, CAT scans other film-based records and hospitalizations will apply.    


FHL's Special Processing Fees for digitizing X-rays, CT scans and other film-based records and for processing hospitalization records will apply. Emergency protection for your family through online medical records.

Last Modified: 12/14/06


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