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Security and Access to Records


FHL takes the security of your records as seriously as you do. 

  • The FHL web site is hosted on FHL's own dedicated server.  Your information is not co-mingled with information from other web sites, as it might be in a shared-hosting environment.   

  • The site is firewall protected and uses an SSL Security Certificate. All communication with FHL's Membership database is encrypted.

  • Access to your information is controlled by dual point authentication.  To gain access, both a user name and a strong password are required.

  • FHL's system employs a "time-out" security protocol.  If a Member's session is idle for more than fifteen minutes, the system requires the user to log in again.

  • When your clinical records are posted to FHL's web site, a rigorous quality control process assures that the correct record is associated with each Member. 

  • Records that FHL converts from paper into digital form are shredded immediately after conversion. 

You Control Access to Your Records 

You and no one else has control over access to your records.  Unlike hospitals, where patient records can be accessed by anyone authorized by the hospital - or unlike your doctor's office where personnel have open access to your files, your online records library is controlled by you.  You may authorize others to have access to your records by designating them as "Additional Authorized Persons" at any time during your Membership.

How to Access to Your Records

You can access your online health library from the FHL web site by logging in to the Members area with your user name and password.   FHL uses strict security measures for user names and passwords in order to validate access to your records. 


Once your log-in is validated you can navigate to your health records library with one click!  When you join FHL you will receive a wallet card that can be used in an emergency by your attending physicians to access your online records library.



Last Modified: 11/14/10



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