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Your Online Health Library

Every FHL Member's online library is comprised of a detailed Personal Health Record, a library of your important legal and insurance documents and most importantly, the medical records supplied by your healthcare providers.

How it Works - Its easy to build your online health library.  You can complete your Personal Health Record (PHR) by filling in the on-screen forms, based on information you remember from past doctor visits, tests treatments.  When you go to the doctor, all you have to do is request that the clinical notes from the visit be faxed or sent to FHL.  Incorporating your critical legal and insurance documents is as easy as faxing them to FHL's toll free number. 

Your Personal Health Record - is a way for you to record and store information about your health on line.  Your Personal Health Record is included in all Membership plans.  It enables you to:



keep track of numerous aspects related to your health history such as surgeries, hospitalizations, clinical tests, allergies and many more;


record your family history;


keep track of your immunizations and vaccinations; and


keep track of your medications.


Online Storage of Your Legal and Insurance Documents - Your FHL Membership even enables you to store legal and insurance documents in your online health library.  You can easily incorporate critical documents such as your Advance Directive, your Medical Power(s) of Attorney and key insurance documents so that they will be available when and if needed.


Online Storage of Clinical Records Supplied by Your Healthcare Providers - The actual clinical records that are created by physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers provide a level of detail that no PHR alone can.  In an emergency or when a physician is facing a diagnostic problem the actual clinical records can lead to a more accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment at lower cost to you.


Last Modified: 11/14/10



Reduce health insurance costs by taking control of your personal health records.
An online health record  is among the most valuable personal benefits of the Internet age.