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Rising spend on Viagra in HSE West area

Councillor advised that Viagra should be cut down in order to help HSE save money


Spending on Viagra and similar erectile dysfunction drugs

A senior member of HSE West Forum, Councilor Brian Meaney (Green) has recommended that couples on medical cards, need to dampened their sex life in order to overcome HSE €500m deficit for the year.

Based on figures for 2010, through medical card system in HSE West (which stretches from Donegal to Limerick), patients has spent €1.4m, an increased of 13% from previous 2009 of €1.2m.

Although public patients are only allowed to buy four Viagra-type tablets per month by HSE, Mr Meaney advised HSE should halved the monthly dosage to cut cost, as public patients could always buy the pills privately outside. Mr Meaney believes that nobody could argue against cutting the amount of Viagra dosages a patient receives if that cut could be used to benefit other patients like for example patients with intellectual disabilities.

On the HSE's top 100 most commonly dispensed drugs; Viagra and Cialis are among two of the top drugs used. Although HSE has highlighted that Viagra can be used for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), it is not possible to measure how much tablets is needed for treating erectile dysfunction or PAH.

For year 2010, patients from the aged of 55-64 years old are the highest recipients of the drugs as they used €412,834 or 29%. It is followed by those aged 45 to 54 which used up €308,623 or 21%. Men in 65 to 69 year old accounted for €177,245 or 12%. Those over 75 years of aged made up of 10%. Lastly men from aged 25 to 34 used 4% of public spend.

In the HSE West Area, Limerick City has the highest public spend at 22.8% on Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs. Co Galway represents 19.5%, 14.9% in Co Donegal; 11.7% in Co Mayo, 10% in Co Clare, 7.6% in Sligo/Leitrim and finally 6% in Co Roscommon.

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Last Modified: 08/14/12
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