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Say źNo╗ to Facial Hair

    Facial Hair Removal for Women

    Both men and women suffer from facial hair. But if for men it is quite common to have a day shadow, female facial hair is usually unpopular by the standards of most cultures. So, facial hair removal for women has been troublesome. If you are looking into the mirror and notice that you face this problem then the article is for you. The main thing is not to panic and be ready to get rid of unwanted hair. Different reasons can lead to excessive facial hair. It is worth visiting a doctor to make sure that you have no problems with your health as some can lead to it.
        Nowadays there are a lot of techniques that help to overcome this problem. All methods can be divided into three groups: temporary removal, removal up to a month, long-term removal. The first group includes shaving, cutting and sanding which effect lasts up to three days. Tweezing, waxing, depilatories and threading refer to the second group. Results can last for several weeks as everything depends on the method. And the last group is for more permanent means. They are pulsed light, laser light therapies and electrolysis.
       Below we will consider the most popular to make it easier for you to choose one or some that suit personally you. 

hair removal creams

These are creams with special chemicals that remove hair from the surface of the skin. They dissolve hair as they contain calcium hydroxide, sodium or calcium thioglycolate. They should be applied carefully as can cause allergy. That’s why it is better to make a test before usage.
    The result is not long-lasting so in a few days or 1-2 weeks you will have to repeat application. Here a wide range of hair removal creams for you.
    There are a large number of companies that produce them. For example, Veet, Nair, Sally Hansen, Vaniqa and others offer a great selection of high-quality face hair removal creams.

    Tweezing is considered to be the best way if you want to get rid of all the tiny hair follicles.  By the way, it is time consuming and requires lot of practice. You’d better have a shower before the procedure to make the skin softer which will help then to avoid skin irritation. You need a pair of tweezers and hair that are long enough. You can pull only one hair per time so it is very time-consuming and is not recommended for large surfaces.
    The result can be observed for two-six weeks.

    shaving for facial hair removalShaving It is better to avoid shaving for facial hair removal as hair can become thicker and noticeable. It can be applied to other parts of your body. Razors cut off hair at the surface of skin. Shaving creams or soap are worth using as they help to avoid cuts. In case cream and soap absence, it is important to remember to damp the skin before shaving and after use special creams to avoid skin irritation and to slow down hair growth.
The effect will last only a few days.

    Hair inhibitors. Hair inhibitors are special creams that slow down hair growth. They make hair look thinner and be less noticeable. They don't remove the excess hair but instead they inhibit the hair growth process. These products can be bought in the form of cream or gel. It is possible to get better results when applying once or twice per day.
Hair inhibitors can be even compared with permanent hair removal. In conjunction with usual methods of face hair removal for women, the results can be great.

Bleaching. Bleaching is the most painless means and the best choice when you have dark facial hair. Actually it will not suit for dense hair. One more disadvantage is that you need to do it a few times to achieve a satisfactory result.

Electrolysis. Nowadays electrolysis is one of the modern permanent hair removal techniques. It can destroy the hair follicle by electric shock. It is a bit more expensive than others. Market offers a great number of handy kits for electrolysis. At the moment there are two techniques of electrolysis available: needle epilator and tweezers epilator. Though some kits are sold for home use it is better to let professionals do this. Electrolysis is generally recommended for facial areas and is not suitable for legs, bikini, or back, for example.

Waxing hair removal

Waxing. Waxing is a well-known and commonly used way of hair removal. It is used in cases when you need to remove large amounts of hair at one time. You can do it yourself or a professional in a beauty centre can help. Skin is covered with a layer of melted wax. The wax strips are pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Depending on sensitivity of your skin, it can be very painful and lead to redness and skin irritation. Leftover wax can be removed easily from the skin.

Laser hair removal. Laser is considered to be the best facial hair removal technique. But it works well only for light skinned people. A laser beam is flashed at regular interval over the hair growth in order to deaden the hair follicle. The procedure should be carried out only by a qualified professional to avoid such unpleasant consequences as scars and burns. The result can be observed up to a year.

It is hardly possible to remove hair forever. If you are aware of the reason of excessive hair growth, then you can have control over it. Each case is individual. The effect depends mostly on the type of skin. Each means can suit or not regarding personal peculiarities. What is good for one can be harmful for another.

Some ways described above are quite expensive. All generations of women have been trying to think of domestic or natural methods. Actually they succeed. Please find below a description of sugaring that is a very modern technique and can be easily done at home. It will help you to remove unwanted hair from your face.

First make sure that you have the necessary things: ½ cup of water, 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 lemon juice, pan, flour, two-three cotton strips. Combine water, sugar and lemon juice and mix them in a pan over medium heat. Stir it until it becomes smooth. Then let it cool down until it becomes warm. Put a little flour on the place of epilating. Try the mixture to check whether it is hot or ready for use. If it is ready then spread it over the hair you want to remove in the direction of hair growth. The layer should be thin. After you have done that place a cotton strip over it.  Wait for 1-3 minutes to make the strip harden and then apply as waxing strip. It can be painful but this pain is not even compared to one when waxing. As for more pluses of this method, it is not time-consuming and quite easy as the mixture consists of natural ingredients and can be made by you at home. Leftover can be easily removed. What is more important is that the risk of skin irritation is minimal. You can repeat the procedure for two or three times to get rid of all unwanted hair. The result will last up to six months.

You see that there are plenty of options to remove facial hair without too much trouble nowadays. Fortunately, it is not a problem to get rid of unwanted hair and you have quite a number of variants that will be perfect personally for you. You can find a means of ultimate control over your appearance.



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