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Weight loss plan for teen girls
some steps to follow!

    Currently, there is a real epidemic of the adolescent obesity. People google for various articles about weight loss for teen girls and boys, parents buy them weight loss pills without being aware of the consequences tey can bring and the rest of the world goes mad about the diets.
  But in fact, nobody realizes that the main problem is mostly a very high cholesterol level.effective diet 

According to numerous researches, obese children are three times more likely to have elevated blood cholesterol levels. Besides obesity, a child has a probability of having cardio-vascular diseases in case of high cholesterol level.
   Dr. Julie Brozers, a pediatric cardiologist, who works at the Clinic for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is not surprised that today programs of weight loss for teen girls are so popular as children have problems with being overweight.
She considers that the increase of cholesterol is one of the reasons.  

That’s why, the better weight loss plan for teen girls today would be a very effective diet: a ratio with sugar reduce and fruit and vegetables increase plus a growing physical activity.
     There are also some recommendations for parents with children suffering from obesity and high cholesterol levels. It's very important to get the main idea just being already 2 years old a child should have a low-fat diet. For example, it's better to choose low-fat milk, eat more fiber products that contribute to the recovery of cholesterol and cleanse the intestines, get everyday portion of fruits and vegetables and certainly move a lot. Dr. Brozers believes that the lack of exercise is one of the major challenges of today's children. Instead of watching TV or playing computer games they'd better go to a joint trip and make it really interesting.
   While promoting healthy eating habits in children at their early age you will be ensured that as adults they won't have heart problems or obesity.

It is quite evident that a child suffering from obesity can not follow the rules of a weight loss program for adults. If the overweight is the cause of endocrine disruption then the solution should be taken by a pediatrician. However, in most cases, overweight is a consequence of improper food habits and preferences. Certainly, if obesity can threaten the life of a child, an issue about the weight loss for teen should be solved by a doctor. But there is another sparing way of leading a child to the full normalization of weight. He may not lose weight, but maintain it - stabilize.

   There is a good old way of counting calories also known as “minus pound”. Well, that may really seem boring to count calories for years. But in case of problems with the weight it is one of the best systems – one can stick to it for the whole life. It works the following way: you are to weigh every day, determine the weight of a typical week on Monday mornings, analyze your week weight change, and if it is necessary (in case your weight changed by 0,2-0,4 pounds within the last week) - reduce your calorie daily diet for 100 kcal for the coming week. If the weekly change in weight is negative (your weight decreased by 0,2-0,4 pounds within the last week) - you increase the caloric content for 100 kcal. And finally, if the difference is zero - leave everything as it was before. The basis for the assumptions of the original diet can be a reasonable calorie diet rate for children: from 6 to 10 years - 2000-2400 kcal, from 10 to 13 years - 2900 calories.


You should also follow some rules of weight loss for teen program to be in a good shape.

weight  loss for teen

1. Find like-minded people (preferably at home).
2. Determine the desired result (which is really desirable, but not the possible in your view). 
3. Keep a food diary and write down everything you eat for one week (don’t make limits – eat the way you ate before).
4. At the end of the week sit and count the calories eaten. Surely, everyone has his "weakness in the diet" (someone eats chocolate, others like cakes, etc.). Calculate how much you’ve eaten.
5. Reduce your favorite "bad product " by 30-35%. But don’t exclude the product immediately, as in this case, you'll always feel discomfort and hunger, while filling your stomach with a plenty of another food!
6. The next week keep a diary, while trying to replace the high-calorie products (for instance, yogurt to nonfat yogurt, sweets to fruits and so on).
7. Start reducing the consumption of bakery products (ideally bakery goods should not exceed 10% of the calories eaten by you). It's easy if you replace your favorite cakes and pies for curd pancake (cottage cheese, eggs, sugar and milk) or baked apples.
9. Try not to eat after 18:00. It's easy if you plan any event for that time (you can make a family tradition to walk before bedtime, take aromatic baths, etc.)
11. Start doing sports or have any other workout that you enjoy. If you have problems with your budget, you can train at home, but it's harder (you never have enough time).
12. Spend more time outdoors.
13. Replace the black tea to the green one (only high quality, and not in bags).

And finally, you’d better follow a diet that will be 100% times more natural than some weight loss pills. Here is a diet for teenagers that is the most significant part of a weight loss for teen program. The two main rules for teen diets are:
1. Not all “adult” diets are suitable for teenagers.

2. Do not rush to lose your weight quickly. Grow thin slowly and surely!

The following diet in the combination with exercises (swimming pool, bike or just jogging) will speed up your metabolism and bring your weight back to normal. Remember that every young person can develop his own effective diet. But take into account that while being a teenager it is necessary to obtain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. 

Here are some weight loss for teen diet variations:

Option 1
5,30 of low-fat cottage cheese with honey,
One boiled egg,
A cup of tea or milk.

Vegetable soup with green peas,
5,30 ounce of chicken.

Tomato juice or any vegetable,
Toast with cheese and a slice of butter.

A salad of greens,
Baked low-fat fish.

Option 2
Buckwheat with beef,
A cup of tea or milk.

Baked low-fat fish,
Cabbage salad with carrot,

Biscuit and fruit (except bananas and grapes).

Savory cottage cheese casserole.

Option 3
2 toasts,
Boiled meat,
2 tomatoes,

Vegetable soup,
An egg boiled,
Baked potatoes,

Yogurt or yogurt with crackers.

Chicken fillet,
Green tea.

Option 4
Chicken fillet,
A cup of tea or milk.

Buckwheat soup with mushrooms,
2 boiled eggs,
Tomato juice.


1,95 ounce of hard cheese
a baked potato.

Recommendations on the weight loss for teen diet program:
1. Many underestimate the importance of breakfast. A full breakfast is one of the essential foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Derived calories in the morning are not laid in store in our bodies, so breakfast is the main one.
2. Honey can be dissolved in warm water - drink it on an empty stomach.
3. Soup for lunch is prepared in a vegetable broth. Apart from the usual cabbage, add there cauliflower, broccoli or Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are very low in calories, but extremely healthy.
4. Boneless chicken fillets can be replaced by a turkey. Boiled meat is better.
5. Don’t add salt to a tomato juice.
6. If it’s possible, eat salad with olive oil.

And finally, of you do want to try some weight loss pills, look for the best sparing ones, based on the natural elements and minerals such as pineapple vitamins and weight loss pills with green tea and olive oil extracts.

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